Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I will not fill this post with all the million reasons why it has been so long since I have blogged! Nope, not gonna do it!

Instead I am going to just talk about all kinds of fun things going on!

Spring is definitely under way here and as is typical in our finicky southern climate one day we may see temps in the high 80's and the next day have a chill with low 70's. But Mother Nature is slowly getting things leveled out and we are certainly enjoying being outside! So far we have made 2 camping trips and both of them were awesome weekends!

Now on to some custom made cuteness!! You can imagine my excitement with how adorable this set turned out! Mom called and gave me some of the colors of Ms. Emmerson's birthday dress and instructions to "make whatever I wanted cause it all turns out cute!"

I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of sewing for the little men lately! It seems to go in cycles! Either all girls or all guys! Funny huh?! Here are a couple of examples of some of the fun I have been having

Tatum is turning 2!!! We just love all things Owl related this season! After choosing the fabric for the pants I found this adorable top at the store. The whole outfit came together perfectly! You probably know that I double love these ruffle pants! And now the exciting news is that the ruffle pants and ruffle shorts are completely lined!

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