Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First post of 2011

Howdy Stranger! I am happy to finally sit down and do some blogging! Of course there are a ton of things to catch you up on. We had a wonderful Christmas holiday and between trying to keep up with all things DBK and all things Christmas little time was left for taking pictures much less actually writing up a blog post! We have some exciting things planned for 2011 and are excited to see what the year will bring!

Unfortunately, the year started out with a not so exciting thing...our furnace went kaploot and we had to have it replaced! Not what we were expecting to have to work on at the beginning of the year right after Christmas...but oh well, kaploot happens and we move on!! I actually have a entire blog post in my head dedicated to the whole installation experience but that is for another day!

For now I just wanted to share some pics of a few projects that I have worked on lately..mostly for Valentine's Day!

Everyone always says "it is so hard to find cute things for boys"! Well I have proof that extra cute boy stuff is out there! I love this design!! This little puppy dog has a wittle pocket on his belly just the perfect size for a small lovenote! I see lots of sweet notes for Mommy!

There are several reasons I love this font. I love to mix and match not just colors but textures and this is the perfect design! Plus I get to use up lots of scraps and that makes my husband happy! I just see it as a way to clean out space and buy more fabric!

And finally we have this super cute Aline! Perfect for Valentine's but will work all summer! I am totally in L.O.V.E. with the pink and red combo! Add in some extra fuzzy minky fabric and snap....extra cute!


  1. So stinkin Cute! Can't wait to start getting some stuff for Addy :)

  2. Love, love, love the little doggy V-day for boys! I may have to order one of those! And, the A-line...SUPER cute...too bad I don't have a sweet little girl!