Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can be crafty!

I am always so jealous of all the creative people around that come up with great gift ideas and are able to make something out of close to nothing! While I think of myself as somewhat creative, I do not always get to start or finish most of the ideas that I come up with. With Bailey's birthday coming up I was determined to make her something special. Well, honestly the determination was born from not being able to find what suited my desires. We (Shawn) finally gave in and let Bailey get her ears pierced over the summer. So now there are earrings to keep up with all over her bedroom. I had been on the search for just the right earring holder. In stores and online I never found just what I was looking for but I did see some ideas that I thought I could put together. So ...I did! And I am very happy with the results.

A trip to Hobby Lobby for some supplies....I think the wooden frame was under $5 and the cross stitch cloth was just a few more. Throw in a little for some paint colors and I think for the price it turned out fabulous!

The finished product!

Of course I had to add a couple of new pair of earrings! Bailey was excited about it all!

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  1. That's really cute Karla! I really need to get some cold weather outfits for Tristan to wear to church. I saw the sweet little 2 in 1 you did for Thanksgiving/Christmas...those would be perfect!